Wheel Throwing Classes

Have you always wanted to make your own pottery?  We now offer classes for individuals and small groups. All supplies, firing, and glazing are included in the price. Advance reservations are required for wheel throwing.
Wheel Throwing 101
Ages 8 & up

If you have always wanted to throw pottery on a wheel this is the class for you. Sign up for a single lesson or a set of 4 lessons. You will create basic structures in these classes.

Beginner Lesson. Duration  1 hour
Cost - $45 a lesson
                           $175 for 4 lessons

If you have some wheel throwing experience and would like to create more than basic shapes, join this class. Learn to make more complex structures.

Intermediate Lesson. Duration 1 hour
Cost - $50 a lesson
                           $190 for 4 lessons

Wheel Throwing For Small Groups
Ages 8 & up

Want to have fun with your friends making pottery? Create a unique piece of pottery, and use underglaze to finish it. Come back in 2 weeks to pick up your finished one of a kind masterpiece.

Groups of 5 or less
Duration - 1 hour
Cost - $40 per person

Watch a short demonstration and then create your own unique piece of pottery. Use underglaze to glaze your pottery while the rest of your group creates their masterpiece. Come back in 2 weeks to pick up your finished pottery.

Groups of 6 -10
Duration 2 hours
Cost - $40 per person