Mosaic Party

Mosaic parties are offered to ages 7 & up. We offer a variety of shapes such as star, flower, heart, dog, cat and more. Choose up to 3 shapes for your party.

Party Slots every Saturday & Sunday

12 - 1:30
2 - 3:30
4 - 5:30

Minimum of 10 guests to reserve party room
Deposit of $90 to reserve

Party Package 1 With Grout

$25 per child. All mosaic pieces will be grouted and the host will pick these up 2 weeks after the party.
Party Package 2 Without Grout

$22 per child. You may choose not to grout in which case the mosaic projects can be taken home right after the party. We offer many options such as crushed shells or stones and sand to fill gaps with this option.